Bailey's Court Primary School
Term 1
INSET 1st Sept
Children arrive back- 4th September
Year 4 swimming wk begin 4th September 1.30/2pm
Year 4 swimming wk begin 11th September 2.30pm
11th - 15th Sept Year 6 camp
Year 5 Forest School 11th - 15th and 18th - 19th September
Year 6 parents SRE meeting 19th September 3pm
Parent forum 20th September 2.45pm
New reception parents tours 21st September 9.15am
Reception consultations 25th - 29th September
Reception first week in for lunch - parent consultations pm - Week 25 - 29th
Year 4 Forest School 25th Sept - 30th Sept

Reception parents phonics evening 6pm 2nd October
New reception parents tours 5th October 9.15am
Open afternoon 5th October 3.00pm
Parents consultations 11th - 12th October
New reception parents tours 12th October 9.15am
Harvest celebration 13th October
End Term 20th Oct

Term 2
Children arrive back 30th October
New reception parents tours 2nd November 9.15am
Year 5 camp meeting for residential in Year 6 6th November 6pm
Reception Stay & Play sessions 7th November 9-10am
New reception parents tours 9th November 9.15am
Year 4 Forest School 13th November - 18th November

Children in Need 17th November (tbc)
Parent forum 15th November 2.45pm
Individual photo's Friday 24th November
Year 6 Forest School 27th Nov - 2nd December

Reception open afternoons 29 - 30th November 3.30 - 4.30pm
Xmas fair 1st December (TBC)
KS1 Xmas performances Wed 6th Dec 2pm and Thur 7th Dec 9.45am
Reception Xmas performance Mon 11th & Tues 12th December
Xmas lunch 13th December
Last day for children 15th December
INSET 18th December

Term 3
INSET Day 2nd Jan
Children arrive back 3rd Jan
Class 8 Forest School 10th Jan
Class 6 Forest School (afternoon only) 16th Jan
Class 7 Forest School (afternoon only) 23rd & 30th Jan

Reception Stay & Play sessions 18th January 9-10am
Year 4 swimming wk begin 29th January 1.30/2pm
Parent forum 31st January 2.45pm
Class 4 Mojo active 7th Feb
Class 5 Mojo active 8th Feb
End Term 9th Feb

Term 4
Term begins 19th Feb
Year 4 swimming wk begin 19th February1.30/2pm
Class 12 Forest School 22nd & 23rd Feb
Class 13 Forest School 20th & 21st Feb
Class 14 Forest School 1st & 2nd March
Class 4 Forest School (afternoon only) 27th Feb & 6th Mar
Year 5 SRE parentsí meeting 28th February 3.00pm
Open afternoon 8th March 3pm
Class 5 Forest School (afternoon only) 13th & 20th March
Class 8 Mojo Active 13th March, Class 9 Mojo Active 14th March
Class 6 Mojo Active 15th March, Class 7 Mojo Active 16th March
14th and 15th March parent consultations
Sports Relief 16th March (TBC)
Class 15 Forest School 19th & 20th March
Class 16 Forest School 21st & 23rd March

Parent forum 21st March 2.45pm
End Term 23rd March

Term 5
Term begins 9th April
Year 5 parents camp meeting 12th April 3.30pm
Class 8 Forest School 16th & 17th April
Class 9 Forest School 18th & 20th April
Reception Stay & Play sessions 24th April 9-10am
Reception and Year 1 Forest School 30th April - 4th May
Class 6 Forest School (afternoon only) 1st & 8th May
Class 12 Mojo Active 9th,Class 13 Mojo Active 10th,Class 14 Mojo Active 11th
Class 7 Forest School (afternoon only) 15th & 22nd May
Year 3 Forest School 14th - 19th May

Parent forum 16th May 2.45pm
KS2 SATs 14th - 18th May
Year 4 swimming wk begin 14th May 1.30/2pm
Year 5 camp on Friday 18th - 19th May
Year 4 swimming wk begin 21st May 2pm
Sports Days 22nd and 23rd May (reserve 24th)
INSET 25th May
End Term 25th May

Term 6
INSET 4th June
Children arrive back 5th June
Reception Stay & Play session 6th June 9-10am
Class 11 Forest School 5th & 6th June
Class 10 Forest School 7th & 8th June

KS1 Phonics screening 11 - 15th June
New reception parents meeting 11th June 6pm
Class 4 Forest School (afternoon only) 19th & 26th June
Class 6 Forest School 20th June
Class 7 Forest School 21st June

Year 4 SRE meeting 19th June 3pm
Class 2 Forest School (afternoon only) 20th & 27th June
Class 15 Mojo Active 26th June, Class 16 Mojo Active 27th June
Class 10 Mojo Active 28th June, Class 11 Mojo Active 29th June
New reception stay and play visits 25th June - 29th June
New Reception story time visits 2nd - 6th July
Class 5 Forest School (afternoon only) 3rd & 10th July
Year 5 Forest School 2nd July - 6th July and 12th-13th July

Class 3 Forest School (afternoon only) 4th & 11th July
Parent forum 5th July 2.45pm
Reception teddy bear picnic 6th July
Summer fair 7th July (TBC)
Class 12 Forest School 12th & 13th July
Class 13 Forest School 5th & 6th July
Class 14 Forest School 3rd & 4th July
Open afternoon 18th July 3.30 - 4.30pm
20th July End Term

Diary Dates 2017 - 2018

Aim High - Prepare to Achieve
Bailey's Court Primary School, Breaches Gate,
Bradley Stoke,
South Gloucestershire,
BS32 8AZ
Tel. 01454 838320
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