Bailey's Court Primary School

At Bailey's Court Primary School we follow the National Curriculum for teaching maths across the school. Below are a number of useful documents designed to help parents understand what is taught. There are also a number of other documents and website links to help parents support their child with maths at home. CGP offer a number of inexpensive publications linked to the National Curriculum which parents might find useful if they want to support their children further. These are available online or from most educational bookshops.

Year Group Maths Objectives by Term
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Useful Documents
DFE National Curriculum Document for KS1 and KS2
2017 to 2018 Teacher Assessment Frameworks at the End of Key Stage 1
2017 to 2018 Teacher Assessment Frameworks at the End of Key Stage 2
Bailey's Court Maths Calculation Policy
Number Bond and Tables Badges
Times Table Badges
Homework Guidelines
Useful Websites and Links
Odd and even number games
Caterpillar ordering and sequences
Fun addition and subtraction games
Addition and subtraction game
Adding coins
Doubling and halving activity
Paying for items game
Place Value Cards Game
Caterpillar counting
Hit the Button
Multiplication and tables games
Roman numerals
Beat the clock times tables
Times tables test
Times tables quizzes to x15
Bitesize KS2 revision
Purple Mash
My Maths Website
My Maths User Guidelines
Aim High - Prepare to Achieve
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We are happy to provide paper copies of information on our website by request.