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Sports Funding

Bailey’s Court receives a grant each year to promote PE in school. This money was given:
· To increase the breadth and quality of the curriculum PE in all classes
· To increase the PE skills of all pupils to enable secondary readiness
· To increase the opportunities of pupils during lunch and play and after school
· To build access for students to sports clubs in the local area and region
· To enable sustainable practice beyond the 2013-2017 period.
This funding has allowed for:
CPD training delivered by Future Stars.
The school is continuing to invest in high quality PE development training for our EYFS, KS1and KS2 staff. Future Stars are working with the children and staff to develop high quality PE lessons and teaching throughout the school. This is focussing on identified areas for development and the skills will be applicable across all areas of PE.
Future Stars, alongside school staff, have rewritten our PE curriculum to ensure that we are delivering high quality PE sessions aimed at developing the children’s skills, fitness and love of PE.
Staff levels of confidence have continued to grow leading to a higher quality PE session with a greater emphasis on skill development.
Playground leader training.
The school is developing a training programme, alongside Future Stars, to provide high quality training to produce playground leaders in our current Year 6. This will provide our children with the opportunity not only to access sporting activities during lunchtime, but will also provide many children with essential leadership and team skills.
A local Secondary School partnership (BSCS).

The school is continuing to share funding with local schools. The partnership work will focus on;
· Training for school PE leaders.
· Development of additional sports opportunities and inter school competition (one competition a term).
Training sessions for PE leaders will provide new and exciting ideas to further improve our PE teaching at Bailey’s Court. The competitions will also allow our children to further develop core PE ideals, such as their skill set, understanding of team work and fair play.

Developing alternative sports

We will be developing links with local clubs and schools in order to increase opportunities for alternative sports at Bailey’s Court. We will be building on our progress with lacrosse, table tennis and tri-golf across all year groups. These sports are focussed around involving all children and playing to their strengths in a team and individual situation. The funding will allow us to purchase equipment, train staff and form strong links with local sports clubs.

This programme will be ongoing throughout this year, with new sports being introduced during lunchtimes and PE sessions.

PE Association of South Gloucestershire

We will continue our membership of the PE Association of South Gloucestershire, allowing us to gain access to support and interschool competitions.
This membership will also provide CPD training for members of staff in focussed areas.

Renewing sporting equipment and storage within school

As it has been many years since we first updated our school sporting equipment, it has become necessary to use some of the funding to replace broken and missing equipment and storage.
This will allow our children to be taught with quality kit, which will help to develop their skill level. We will also be introducing an outside storage area for our playground leaders and will be investing in equipment for their use during lunchtimes.

Development of sporting curriculum with Mojo Active

We will be investing in developing a sporting curriculum with Mojo Active. They will be able to provide activities based on our afternoon curriculum learning and will also provide confidence and self-esteem building sessions within their sessions. This will allow our children to develop their courage, confidence and resilience in a safe environment, as well as improving their team work and communication skills.
We will be trialling the success of this programme over the course of this year, and will be looking at providing most year groups with at least one session with Mojo Active.

Youth Sport Trust

We will be investing in the Youth Sport Trust programme, which is aimed at assessing what is good about PE at Bailey’s Court and gives measurable targets for improvement. This programme will also give the opportunity for the children to take part in the Youth Festival of Sport and further competitions throughout the year.

Forest Schools
Continuing the success of Forest schools at Bailey’s Court we will be developing the children’s experiences at our off site location. At this purpose built site, the children will have the opportunity to build shelters, fires and develop their understanding of “bush craft”. We will be investing in more equipment and further training for our staff.
This funding will also allow us to develop our on site forest schools experience for all of the children by creating an exciting forest schools environment. These sessions will be taking place during the children’s enrichment.

Investment in Bailey’s Court minibus

In order to improve our ability to attend off site PE competitions, football matches, Forest Schools and other activities, we will be investing in a Bailey’s Court minibus. This will increase the sporting opportunities available for our children.

School sports kit
We will be further investing in a school sports kit to be used for external competitions and events. This was trialled with the previous Year 1 cohort and proved a great success. Having a school sporting kit for each age phase will encourage our children to work as a team, and will allow our children to be easily identified and cheered on!
We will also be expanding the range of sporting kits provided to include a Tag Rugby kit. This will again encourage our children and allow them to play with pride when representing our school.

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