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Mrs Robinson's Term 6 spellings
Miss Miller & Miss Proffitt Term 6 spellings
Mrs Robinson's Term 4 Spellings
Mrs O'Neil's Term 4 Spellings
Miss Proffitt's Term 4 Spellings
Miss Miller Term 4 Spellings
Maths Calculation Policy
Number bonds song
Reading record
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Tips for helping with reading
Bailey's Court Homework Guidelines
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Odd and even number games
Safe search engine
Caterpillar ordering and sequences
Fun addition and subtraction games
Addition and subtraction game
Adding coins
Doubling and halving activity
Paying for items game
Boowa and Kwala
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Phonic play (U = baileyscourt2013 P= bailey2013)
Penguins on ice sentence builder activity
Place Value Cards Game
Fiction Express
Purple Mash
Aim High - Prepare to Achieve
Bailey's Court Primary School, Breaches Gate,
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South Gloucestershire,
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