Bailey's Court Primary School
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Year 4 Home Learning
Useful Websites and Links
Times tables quizzes up to 15x!
Beat the clock times table
Times table hit the button game
Woodland's Junior online tables practice
The Brilliant Woodlands Junior Maths Page!
Test your knowledge of solids, liquids and gases
Sort solids, liquids and gases
Gases around us
Go on a musical journey
Dance mat typing
Purple Mash
Test your knowledge of Roman Numerals
Homework Documents
Mr Potter & Mrs Downes Term 6 spellings
Mr Stephens' Term 6 spellings
Mr Stephens' & Mrs K's Spelling Term 4
Mrs Hussey's Spelling Term 4
Mrs Downes Spelling Term 4
Mr Potter's Spelling Term 4
Spelling Challenge
Maths Calculation Policy
Bailey's Court Homework Guidelines
Aim High - Prepare to Achieve
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Bradley Stoke,
South Gloucestershire,
BS32 8AZ
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